Legal Notice

Take Notice the Town of Westerlo Comprehensive Plan Committee has scheduled a series of meetings all occurring on Wednesday May 27, 2020 through July 8, 2020 from 7 PM-8 PM at the Richard Rapp Municipal Building (Town Hall) 933 CR 401, Westerlo NY. Due to health and safety concerns related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency, State and Federal bans on large meetings and gatherings and pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 220.1 issued on March 12, 2020 suspending Open Meetings Law in person attendance will not be permitted. The meetings will instead take place remotely via webinar on Zoom. To join the webinars the public can connect, listen and view the meetings by clicking the link /followed by the corresponding Zoom ID number for each meeting:

  • May 27, 2020 Organization 92856376286
  • June 03, 2020 Agriculture 96434540023
  • June 10, 2020 Development 92031563264
  • June 17, 2020 Environment 94199915492
  • June 24, 2020 Planning & Zoning 93631037757
  • July 01, 2020 Lake Onderdonk 93173004684
  • July 08, 2020 Hamlet of Westerlo 95520387601

Or by Telephone; DIAL US: 1-346-248-7799 or 1-669-900-9128 or 888-788-0099 (Toll Free). First time using Zoom, please download the Zoom App from Google Play Store or App Store. If you are on a computer go directly from Download Zoom @ Minutes of these meetings will be posted on the Town of Westerlo website at a later date.

By Order of Town of Westerlo Comprehensive Plan Committee
Dated: May 15, 2020
Kathleen J. Spinnato, Town Clerk

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***Update 5/25***: At this time the Town has determined that there was no unauthorized access to the water supply. The advisory to not drink water has been lifted

Please be assured that your safety is our #1 concern.

Any further updates will be posted on the Town’s Facebook page, Town of Westerlo Government News, as well as on the website.